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Exterior color choices for a green interior

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I have a '73 Nova Custom with a green interior. What solid (non-metallic) colors might go with this interior other than white? I know its a weird combo but I'm just searching for some opinions and ideas.
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Black interior goes with every color!!
Oops. I meant an exterior colors that go with a green interior. I'm keeping the green interior. I wish I could afford to go the a black interior.
White, brown, green and there are many shades of each of those colors.
I wonder what Briutish Racing Green would look like on a Nova.
Don't know what shade of green the interior is but a complimentary shade of green outside would work or old reliable black.

There is someone on here with a 72 tribute Yenko that is green and it looks very nice. Sorry can't re3member his name.
Black, white or a complimentary shade of green. Not sure how dark or light your interior is, but if it's the typical olive shade of green I've seen on interiors, I'd go a shade darker on the exterior...
White, brown, green and there are many shades of each of those colors.

I'd say you nailed it Doctor. :thumbsup:

Using the traditional complimentary color method doesn't always work with cars. Man, look what is directly across from the greens on the wheel. :eek:


All that said. I vaguely recall back in my early days a guy with a Sunfire Yellow 66 or 67 Corvette with a Willow Green interior. I wouldn't choose it, but it wasn't that bad.
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If the exterior paint isn't that bad it might be cheaper to change the interior color. If you don't like the green. Post up a pic of the interior color you have. RICK
I had a light metallic green car with matching light metallic green interior.

People thought I was a Interior Decorator. Not that was a bad thing.

Anyway I painted it Dark Dark Metallic Green Almost Black! Called it Midnight Green. It looked incredible!
My dad had a 53 Belair that was a lighter yellow outside with green interior that looked very nice. Not sure if 53 style transfers to 73 but we are brainstorming here. The color that pops to mind from 1968 is Butternut Yellow.
best for a green interior

IMO this is the best Green- Fathom Green at night it looks black, my first camaro was a 69 R/S Z28 that was that color- Loved it ever since I bought my 69 Nova with a Green interior and it will be Fathom Green
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You dont have many factory solid colors to go with green but you can look for options . A pale yellow or butternut is good. Beige or light tan are good. White not so much. Slate grey would be very interesting. Terracota brown would be surprising too. Avocado green, or very light or very dark greens. Dual exterior color with green paint or green vynil on the roof.

Creamy white exterior with green racing stripes would be stunning (see Mustang Mach 1s from the 70's). Green exterior with white racing stripes.

These are my best options for your green interior...
Just about any shade of green would be fine for the exterior, and also white or off-white colors, or of course black.

You could do a red exterior, if you wanted a Christmas theme. :D
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