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Engine wont fit

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Installed a Heidts super ride and the engine will not bolt up.Does any one have measurements of the stands on one? Have pics if some can post
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What motor, which mounts, what oil pan?

We will need a little more info from you before anybody can help.:yes:
Sorry that would help. I'm installing a ls but I even tried a small block with no pan. Get one bolt in and the other side is a 1 1/2 in off. Talked to heidts and the told me what mounts to use and that did't work.
are you using heidts motor mounts? I used a different brand and had the same problem as you. you should buy the heidts ones. They worked for me.
They told me what part # to get. Still don't work
did you use all the shims?
Shims wont work I'm to wide. I wish i could post a pic
Shims wont work I'm to wide. I wish i could post a pic
look here...its easy
I don't have super ride or an ls. When I did M2 I didn't install the shims that go to the firewall first, or the heidts mounts and nothing fit right. I fit all the shims and the heidts mounts and everything lined up. maybe your problem is different. just trying to help
I got it. They gave me another # for some mounts.

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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