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please excuse my newbie questions, as this is the first engine swap i've ever done...but i've got a mild 350 just about ready to replace the stock 307 in my pretty much stock '68 and i just want to make sure i've got everything covered before i tackle the job.

i'm pretty confused by what mounts to use. the stockers are still in there, complete with the cable that i'm guessing GM added after the fact in case the mounts ever broke. so, are mounts specific to year and motor? can anyone direct me to a link for the correct poly or rubber mounts for my car? i can't seem to find poly mounts for a 68, only 69 and up. does anyone make them?

i'm also planning to swap the powerglide with a there anything special i should know about this swap?

if anyone has any other tips or tricks...things i should know...other parts i should plan to replace while the engine is out...any input is mucho appreciated. thanks!!!

btw, this is just a street car...probably only put on 500mi a year. i just want it to drive nice and smooth with a bit of power when i need it.
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