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Engine swap Headache

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Any tips or tricks to pulling an oil pan enough to install a oil pump drive shaft? I built the engine and silly me I though I could just drop the oil pump drive like the distributor. I found out after I bolted everything up and got ready to prime the engine that it doesn't work that way. Any tips or tricks to pull the pan enough to install this thing? By the way it's a 1976 nova concours 350.
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Bummer!! Thats exactly what happened to me except the engine builder left it out. When I picked up the engine he gave me a box of left over bits that weren't needed and in there was the oil pump shaft. I didn't think anything of it, in the back of my mind I was thinking I'll just drop it in before I install the dizzy. Spent a week fitting the engine in (big block) after pulling the 400 pontiac engine out and late Friday night it was ready for the pre-prime.
Thought I'd leave it for the morning and start fresh for the engine break-in. Thats when I realised it ain't gonna happen. Instead I spent the whole day pulling the engine, installing the shaft and refitting the engine and was ready for the pre-prime by 6pm. What a day that was!!
You wont be able to do it in the car.
Alrighty I got it in. I lifted the engine enough that I could drop the pan and pump and get her in. The only real set back besides the shaft not being installed originally is how big my hands are. No space is big enough! But things are good now.
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