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Originally I wasn't getting spark, so I grounded everything and bought a new distributor. The plugs looked oily so I removed the intake manifold and installed the gaskets according to some posts here. Now for the fun stuff. While the manifold was off, I inspected the through holes because of a post that someone had issues w leaking bolts. I noticed the rods are directly under the holes AND I remember using some longer bolts from my tool box! Yep! I had a bent rod from a longer manifold bolt. Got proper bolts, washers and a used rod from basement. It was same size. Now for my 1st lash job. It was easy now that I understand a few basic concepts. Only problem I had was I thought I had to rotate the crank two times from TDC for 360 degrees ( had to lash the #5 exhaust ) the ticking stoped, the engine fired up smoothly and ran much cooler! It revs nice and smooth with a litte scream! What's the stock lift on 305 springs? The heads are 14014416. I have an old GM performance cam 3863151 I'm thinking of using. Hopefully just need lifters
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