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engine oil

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Getting ready to change the oil in the Nova and was wondering what brand/weight oil I should get for my 350. It's going to be really hot here this summer. 100*s......Is 10w30 fine, or should I switch to something else?

Also wondering if this will help the little bit of blue smoke coming out of the driver's side exhaust, or does it have nothing to do with it. I also have a bit of a valve cover leak I believe which may not be helping.
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I recommend castrol GTX 20w50, Ive ran this in the nova for 14 years and many other cars ive had. It will last longer and cut down on smoke. Lucas makes a nice oil stablizer for futher protection. If you go with the 10w30 put the lucas in too.
ah yes the central valley is gonna be warm this year. I'd run 10/40 or 20/50 with a good oil filter. Stay away from any oils with the "starburst" labels. Alot of the additives used to lubricate parts from friction and wear are taken out and don't give adequate protection, i.e. zinc, phospherous, etc... Even better would be to switch to a synthetic oil.
Can you run modern synthetics with a flat tappet cam?
If it would benefit me a lot, I'd switch to synthetic. What is a good filter? I had the K&N one on before, can't tell if it worked good or not since the rich carb burnt the oil up quick.

Also, I don't know what cam I have, it's stock to my knowledge though I don't know the generation of the engine either. I am asking since I know that some of the oils work better for the different camshafts.

read here.. your questions are in this thread including charts and graphs need for a informed decision on oil weight and viscosity for a given ambient temp and the protection levels of oils with in a given ambient temp range..

stay away from GF3/GF4 oils.... with FT cams

I have been a Heavy Duty Truck Mechaic for 30 Plus years.

I use Dello 400 15/40 Diesel Engine oil exclusivly and have been using it for most of the 30 years. I only have Gas Engines but still only use the Dello 400.

18 wheeler Diesel engines run approx 500,000 miles before they even think about an engine rebuild, most of the trucks log about 5,000,000 miles before they are traded in or replaced, The Dello 400 engine oil helps greatly with this feat, i believe.

You can get it a Costco by the Case, 6 each of the 1 gallon jugs, cost's $66+Change Per case, breaks down to about $2.75 per quart.

I have never lost an engine for any oil/lubrication problem since using it.

I even use in my TH-400 trans in my 81 GMC Suburban, although I use the 10weight in it, otherwise it doesn't want to shift when it is cool outside.

We used the Dello 400 in the heavy duty Allison Transmission where I used to work, and it did better and gave better service than the ATF fluid that was in them.

For a NEW or LATE Model Engines, I like the Mobil 1 oil myself. Old and Well Broken in engines are looser, and have looser Tolerances so the heavier oil is good for them.

(I don't have any of these myself, just older types of engines, and cars)

Just my .02 Cents, take it for what it's worth, or not

Hope it helps


I live in northern California, Sacramernto area, temps are moderate normaly,gets hot in summer
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valvoine vr1 straight 50 in the nova, for the daily driver truck 20/50 gtx have used the dello in the past no complaints.
Amsoil advertise "more zinc" on their quart bottles.
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