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A friend gave me the following information from the machined pad at the front of his SBC engine.

He wants to know year and CI.

I used this site and think I decoded the stamping of

However, the following was also stamped on the pad and I have not been able to decode.


He did not give me the casting number that should be near the distributor.

Any help appreciated.

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Application code (T1104EC):
T = engine assembly plant; Tonawanda, NY
1104 = assembly date; November 4th (1967)
EC = application; 327 w/Powerglide and A.I.R. from a 1968 Chevelle or El Camino

So it's a 4" bore block.

Now, if it still has the original crank it's a 327 but if it's not original it could be a 350 if someone put in a 3.48" stroke crank.

Block VIN (18Z126991):
1 = GM division; Chevrolet
8 = model year; 1968
Z = assembly plant; Fremont, CA
126991 = last 6 digits of original vehicle VIN

Both the application code and block VIN confirm a 1968 Chevelle or El Camino because the Fremont, CA plant built Chevelles and El Caminos in 1968.

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Thanks for the quick response. He will be happy to know that it is a 327, instead of a 283.

That suffix code of EC had me stumped, Some web info indicated the EC could be a 327 or 283.
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