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I am looking to ID the engine on my car. I need to replace some parts on it and I need to know for sure what it is and where it came from. Here are the numbers off of the 1974 Nova Hatchback that I am working on(not sure which you need)


Can you tell me any thing about if it is a 350 or not or if it is even off of a 74 Nova. And if not I would like to know what it is out of.


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engine decode...

Nova Chick, here is how it breaks down:

15N624879.....1=Chevrolet..5=1975 N=Norwood, Ohio assembly plant..624879..last 6 of VIN

T0619CRX Tonawanda, NY engine plant June, 19 assembly date...
Camaro 350 engine w/th350 trans 145hp, federal emmisions

same engine that was in the Nova..only difference is the letter code in the VIN

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