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Engine gradually idling down after reving it?

Usually I thought when an engine idles down slower than normal isnt that a vacuum leak? I put one of my cams back in my motor again and it did it the first time I put it in and now the second time. Now the cam I orgionally had in it didnt do that either of the two times I installed it. Can an agressive cam cause this or did I just happen to get a vaccuum leak both times I installed cam #2. The first cam I had in it was quite a bit smaller, than I put cam 2 in for a lil while and took it back out because it was pretty agressive for the street. I then put cam #1 back in drove it on the street and didnt have any issues with idileing down after reving it. I put cam 2 in because I plan on going to the track more now. Like I said both times I installed cam 2 when you rev it up it idles down slower than usual but cam 1 never did either of the times. Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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