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It has a stock 305, I dont know if it has ever been rebuilt
Stock Carb
I got it for $1900, it was running too rich (sounded like a semi) and the one of the shocks was bent. The brakes were barely working. It was barely working enought to drive it home.

Well, its drivable now, with a couple of replaced parts....
New shock absorbers
New brake master cylinder
Newish Tires
Chevy Rally wheels
Mono exhaust
1 Flowmaster 40 Muffler (I regret it, too much Bass)
High flow magnaflow catalytic converter
Old tint recently taken off.
New front windshield.
Stock Transmission (I dont know)
Super clean interior.
Like new paint.
New Choke Valve and thermostat
and other misc. stuff like new alternator and Battery.

I've driven the car every day for the past month and it has not given me any problems. With alot of trial and error I finally tuned the carb and it runs great.
In the future I plan on getting some new Leafspring, a beauty ring for one of the wheels, tint the windows, Bigger rear tires, True dual exhaust with headers and one day I might just replace the 305 with a 350 and get a better Carburateur.

It looks clean now, but several hours after I took th pics, the car was covered in dust again:mad:
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