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My electric solenoid shifter started acting crazy this weekend. It is a Shiftnoid 3 speed foward pattern. Been working fine for a year and a half and now it wont make the 1st to 2nd shift, but will make the 2nd to 3rd shift fine. It works off of a MSD rpm switch and a 6al ignition box. The RPM switch is set at 6200 and the rev limiter is at 6800. I've changed chips to lower rpms with no change. The solenoid does not ingage at all on the first shift. It will shift 1st to 2nd on jack stands with a 3000 pill but under a load it wont. I've called MSD and they really have no idea, along with Shiftnoid and Autometer. All grounds are good as far as rpm switch and 6al. I've moved my tach wire and all wires related to the switch and 6al to keep noise interference down. The trans will shift fine by manually shifting at any rpm. Anyone have any ideas and sorry for such a long post?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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