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Dyno day, Conner 406 SBC w/462 heads

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Well I'm impressed by the results with the Gm 462 heads.

406 (3.75 x 4.155 bore ) .030 over 400
6 inch rod
SRP pro pistons
Eagle H-beam rods
Eagle internal balanced lightweight crank
Herbert Solid roller cam CH7 , Morel Solid rollers .750 lifters // .567 .585

the heads are 100% virgin ports, 2.020 int 1.600 valves

Victor Jr intake, Holley 4779 750CFM GM HEI
Hamburger oil pan

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Nice Al, very good results.
You going to do some head work?
Nice Al, very good results.
You going to do some head work?
No! If I was I would have done it first. It's just a street engine.

A impressive one! :D
its got a torque curve flat as texas ,,, i bet it does good , try any spacers ? looks a lil bit lean down low , did yall try any changes ? ,, just think if they would have been ported some ,,, those heads have great exhaust ports ,, like 'em , don't like 'em , they can do a decent job with some help
Nice job Al, thanks for posting the dyno sheet. Just goes to show how easy it is to build a nice stout street engine.

A impressive one! :D[/QUOTE]

To say the least! Nice, can't wait to hear a video of it running.
mild solid roller too , wonder what it woulda done with something like 256/264 @ .050 or even bigger
WOOW Corrected to 473 torque which is nice flat curve

429 horse with those heads is pretty good.

Nice job!!!
That will be FUN on the street.
430hp/470tq.. going to lots of fun on the street..:yes:

whats the compression on this engine?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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