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drip rail insert...

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This is kind of a parts wanted question...but also a resto one as well. It seems that in 1969 the factory installed a flexible plastic trim insert into the drip rail to finish off the vinyl top. It is 3/8" wide with a chrome strip 1/4" wide and a clear edge. I think it was in a roll and cut to fit...I am working on the 69 granny and the drivers side piece is broken...might be able to glue it..BUT..?? any ideas on sources for this product or suitable replacement...thanks.

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Never have seen such a thing.
Do you have any pics of the old pieces and where they fit on the car?
They are so fuzzy I can't make out what they are. Probably lost some calrity in the translation.

I thought maybe it was a molding like 2doorpost mentioned, added afterwards.
If so, I get into alot of old shops, might be able to find a duplicate or something close enough to make "granny" happy.
My old boss had alot of old "moldings on a roll" in the back room from when he closed.
The fact that two have it might mean it is OEM or just a standard aftermarket add on. Were the vinyl tops both factory ones??
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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