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Pictures (up to 3 should be linked in)

Year: 1978

Model: Nova Custom

Engine: Original 350 Small Block

Body/Exterior: Primer gray / Flat black

Front End: Stock

Transmission: Rebuilt 350 turbo 3 speed

Rear End: Ford 9" 4-11 gear ratio

Exhaust: "missing"

Wheels/Tires: Scrap yard / found mishmash 14" front 15" back

Interior: Vinyl Red / White

Electrical: Stock

Accessories/Options: Stock

Sound system: N/A

1st car, bought it in '08-'09 for $600. My buddy owned it and the rear end had run out of oil chewed up the differential pretty bad, I was riding in it for the crash. It was originally a red that had faded to a brown color and it had a soft top that was shot so I striped that off and did a primer job. recently blew the original motor, working on replacing it and all the rubber in the engine bay.

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Welcome, and looks like you're having fun with that Nova! I shelled a couple sbc's in my day too. Keep working on her and posting here. Enjoy the website, lots of good info here.
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