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do i need coil springs still?

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I have these set of shocks, which i am sure are just load adjusting shocks, but they have this spring on it, and I am certain they arent coilovers of any kind, and that i still need to put coil springs on the frame.

i am dumb and didnt take a picture before bolting them to the upper part, but its the best i did with it hanging there

if i dont need coils, great, i can slap the brakes and tires on and get my engine and tranny mounted.

if i do, well crap i gotta fight with coils, and i hear they arent too fun
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Yes, You still need coil springs. The springs on the shocks are lightweight and will not support the weight of the front end alone.
thanks, i was certain that was the answer, the shock is fairly to compress using the lower arm.

hopefully i can wrangle the ones off my old subframe, otherwise ill just give up and get a new pair.

thanks man!

take your time and rent a coil spring compressor, rent them auto zone advance auto do not know the exact price somewhere $10.00- $20.00 for the day full instructions come with extra money. but it will save you some fingers or a big knock on the head probally a couple stiches lots of luck . Skinnydude
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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