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Distributor Gasket Leaking

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I noticed that I am getting a nickel sized oil droplets on the ground after I run the engine. So I looked at the dizzy and the gasket looked oily. So I took the dizzy out and there was serious oil on the gasket just sitting on it. Also, there was oil on the tranny housing a small puddle just sitting there. I cleaned everything up which I thought was good, changed the gasket and after driving for a hour I noticed again my dizzy gasket is not blue anymore, felpro sbc350 gasket. The gasket is now looking oily again. I can't tighten the dizzy down any more. Is it possible my clamp isn't going on straight.

I also noticed that my valve covers were really loose so I snugged them up a tiny bit really trying not to over tighten them. Oil sending unit is clean. After I changed my dizzy gasket the leak was gone, now after a 1hr of driving its back. Any suggestions?
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Check the back of the intake for a leak or the same area driver's side at the deck and intake sealing area for the pipe plug also.
Check the back of the intake for a leak or the same area driver's side at the deck and intake sealing area for the pipe plug also.
How big of a plug is it?

Are you talking about the oil sending unit location by the dizzy?
Has anyone else heard that the chrome dizzy clamps are garbage. Whereas the the stock steel clamps are better?
Has anyone heard of this also.

If you have too much crankcase pressure, (maybe in your case until the rings fully seat) it drives the oil up the distributor shaft,(particularly if you're laying on it hard) then leaks out through the bottom of the distributor down onto the base.
the chrome clamps dont seem to hohold very well. i have also use two gaskets before to help with this problem. also check to make sure you dont have excisive blow by
As mentioned already, check for excessive crankcase pressure and the stock clamp is better then the chrome ones. PCV working and the right one? The breather on the other side of the valve cover works best if it's connected to the air cleaner with negative atmosphere. If you see traces of oil inside the dist., then you have too much pressure and it has to relieve itself somewhere.
Basically what has been said already. There is no oil pressure at the distributor. So you need to build up a pressure to push oil out there. The back of the intake and oil sender are other places to look as well.
Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated.

So to say I think I might have installed the clamp on upside down. I will check later tonight.
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