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decoding my 350 sbc

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Partial vin: 10W343237
Suffix: V0407CNN
Casting: 3970010

1970 Chevy Nova 350 L-48
300 HP
380 TQ
10.25:1 CR
4 bolt main

Made April 7th 1970 at the Willow Run plant in Michigan, production number 343237.

I just wanted to make sure my engine was a 350 and i ended being able to find the exact car it came out of!

Anyone know if my info's correct?
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O really? The only thing i could find about CNN was that it meant it had s TH350, on wiki it says any 350 with 010 on the casting # was 4 bolt.
Either way, according to that site your right. It's says 250 HP, which im pretty sure is a 2 bolt main. 300 HP sounded like to much to me anyways. It doesnt feel like it has that much.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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