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DayTwoDeuce - Original 350 SS Car

Year: 1970

Model: SS Coupe

Engine: 350/300 (about to get 383 Crossram)

Body/Exterior: Original Sheet Metal

Front End: Original Suspension BB Springs

Transmission: Original M21 P0R28B

Rear End: CBS1017G2 12-Bolt Posi

Exhaust: Headers Dual

Wheels/Tires: Torque Thrusts and/or Cragars

Interior: Stock Bench with 68 Buckets added

Electrical: Stock

Accessories/Options: Custom Ghosted Pin Striping

Sound system: AM/FM

Additional Comments:4 owners 36,000 Original Miles

I bought this car after missing an opportunity to buy it 2 years ago from the second owner. The original owner hopped it up back in the early 70's and it became a well known street car around Cleveland. Bought locally at Ed Stinn Chevrolet, it stayed with the owner for 24 years while getting a few paint upgrades and a 327 tunnel ram while running 5:13 gears on the street. The second owner bought the car in 94' and kept it for 22 years while de-tuning much of the performance add-ons and putting back towards stock. Third owner was a friend of mine who beat me to it a couple years ago but ended up selling it to me this past Sept.

It retains the original M21 4-Speed and 12 Bolt Posi but the engine was traded off back in the early 70's. I have now sourced and complete original drop in LT-1 that will go in sometime down the road. For now, the car will be getting a freshly balanced & blueprinted 383 that was done up to look completely stock GM. A crossram will top it off and custom M/T headers will round out the sound through old 692 Competition mufflers. Behind the engine will be an M-22 Supercase while the original is stored away.

Other period correct Day II mods will include repainting the original Lakewood Trac Bars (yellow), the addition of a Lakewood Roll Bar (3 Point), Hurst air shocks, Hurst Roll Control, Vintage Gauges, and Period Correct Wheels & Tires. I'll keep the current 4:56 gears and enjoy the car as a Day II survivor for a few years before returning it back to a stock drive train and paint. Hope you dig it like I do.

Original owner shown car after car was bought in 1970.

Original owner Circa 1972 w/ Cragars, Trac Bars and Slicks

Car in the late 70's with ghosted pin striping and grump lump hood.

A familiar look as a lot of street cars saw this rear end back in the 70's.

Second owner out for a track day with the car in the 90's.

The engine that was put into the car in recent years. Just a 350

The car as it arrived here a couple weeks ago. Paint still looks great.

Nothing will be done with the paint as I enjoy it the way it was done in the 70's.

The engine that will go in as shown (in a few years from now)

The engine that will now be going into the car (500 hp)

The intake that will top off the new 383 build. Oh yeah!

And finally a shot of the interior. Buckets replaced the stock bench.

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Running with the current 350 that was in the car when it arrived. Nothing special. Just a 350 built with 186 heads and a Comp cam.

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