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hey guys,
i just purchased two beautiful fenders for the '72.
btw: mad props to 71ss: this is a great guy to do business with- i got a great right fender from him. anyway- i took both fenders to bare metal with paint remover- and evaluated them.
the left front fender i bought has one tiny,weeny hole through it when light passes through it-if this makes any sense?
the deal is, the rust is in the dang dog leg where the brace is located and although only one actual hole is present, the inside of the fender has quite a bit of surface rust that could potentially come through- would one attempt to just mig/tig it? is there a big risk of burning through the metal since it is thin? Or should i just put a patch in it?
geez! 35 y.o. sheet metal- whats a guy to do...
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