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So while I have been waiting for parts / repairs etc on my ignition system I have been working on new seat mounts for the driver seat.

See I am not a small person - but not as big as "Big D" :devil::hiding:- but wanted to get my seat to mount so my head did not rub on the headliner and I could drive in a little more comfort.

forgive the pictures - just had my iPhone handy...

So I sourced a set of original 65 seat mounts in fair shape:

I decided I wanted to drop the seat a full inch and move it back two inches. I had installed a temporary plate to move them back - but my head still hit the headliner.

So I cut the leg's off, welded in a lever on the slider that would go under the seat, no longer on the side by the door, and then welded in new extensions..

Here is a shot of the seat installed - you can see how much lower it is and a little cleaner without the release lever...

A little hard to see - but I am happy. :D

And now Johnny (The Flyer) can stop bugging me about not posting on what I am doing...:tongue::tongue::devil:
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