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I did this modification on my Nova back in October and had a few people ask me for some more details about it, so I figured I share it here as well.

As many of you know, the old two bolt plus a weird spring is a pain in the ass to adjust and change headlights compared to modern lights. The stupid white plastic pieces are either too small or strip out and that damn spring is so hard to get attached because of the recessed headlight bay. I hated these things and decided to find or fabricate new brackets for the halogen conversion lights I bought.

Luckily I found some brackets for 7in jeep headlights for $19 each. They worked pretty well and the only bummer about them is that the hardware it has on it is metric. The hardware you need is 6 - 0.25x1.5in bolts and paired lock nuts, 6 - 1in spacers with 0.25in id and some patience.

How I did it: First had to cut open a 3in hole for my halogen bulbs. Then I removed the adjusting ring and springs to the bracket in order to put the bolts through the back so it can light up to the top mounting hole with the stupid little white plastic piece. (Note, the big slot that aligns the lenses to the bracket goes to the top on the left side of the top adjusting bolt) Then to align, I put the headlight cover back over and positioned the bracket so it had the best centering. You do not want to use the side hole to the original mounting hole since it'll put your light too close to the headlight covers side and will only work on the passenger since the driver side hole does not align to the bracket. With it marked, drill 3 1/4 holes in the best spots while using the 1in spacers between the bracket and frame as a guide to keep it straight. Make sure you have nothing behind before you drill. Especially that battery :turn: Mount the bracket, reinstall the adjusting plate, stick in your new lights and the headlight covers, repeat on other side, adjust at night, and finally enjoy stress free headlight adjustment.

After thoughts, you may need to trim the edge of the headlight covers to clear the adjusting bolts if they rub. Also, adding a 5/16 relief hole behind the adjusting screws is probably a good idea since they can bottom out very easily.

Hope that helps someone!
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