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I called up CPP and ordered a set of steering stops for the lower control arm kit. I needed them because without stops I could turn too much and hit my oil pan with the centerlink. I figured I'd post some pics of the install since I've heard a lot about the stops yet never seen any pictures of them on steve's.

They cost $19.00 and I paid $9.10 for shipping, for a total of $28.10.
I'm very happy with them and they fit and perform exactly as I needed them to. The part # is CP12028

Because of the oil pan I can turn farther to the left than I can the right. To allow the stop to hit the steering arm on the passenger's side (the side where I'm limited on turning) I had to mount the stop on the outer holes instead of the inner holes that the instructions say to use. You can see I used some washers to space up the stop to clear a bolt head from the lower ball joint.

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