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CPP Mini Kit

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I'm thinking about buying one of these to put on my 66. I'd like to get rid of the stock lower arms and strut rods. For those of you who have installed one of these on their Nova maybe you could tell me how you like it. Whats the best way remove the factory rivets holding the strut rod brackets on? Grind the heads off or drill them out?
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piece of cake....i used a grinder then an air chisle...Still the best thing I've ever installed on on my nova!!bm
Batman, did you use the mini kit?I would love to get the Deluxe kit, but just don't have the funds.
I can see how you set the Camber ,but what about the Caster?Just trying to get as much info. as possible before ordering.Mark
The camber and caster are set simultaneously using the two sets of eccentrics per arm at the front and rear control arm mounting points.
So there won't be a need to shim at upper control arm?
mini kit price

I want to order my CPP MINI KIT today.Who has the best price?
You will only need to shim the upper control arm if you run a 25"+ front tire, and want to increase caster more than stock specs while not moving the wheel forward in the opening.

The kit has eccentrics to adjust alignment to stock specs so you would normally not touch your upper control arms.
That is good news.
I just called CPP and ordered my kit.Can't wait.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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