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I looked at a '73 SS Nova yesterday that I'm considering purchasing. It had a 'plain hood' on it. Shouldn't an "SS" have a little fancier hood; maybe with cowl induction, or a pair of those shiny looking inserts (like on some camaros)? This one had nothing! And what else besides 'badging' makes the thing an "SS"? Did they come with beefier sway bars or posi as standard equipment? I wrote down all the numbers off of the id plate, as well as the VIN. Is there a website you guys can turn me onto that will help me identify this vehicle more specifically? Thanks in advance for your help; these websites are so valuable to people like me that didn't spend a lot their youth fartin' around with cars, as much as we wish they did!

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Emblems are easily bought on Ebay, and take minutes to attach to any car.


1973 thru 1976 = optional package: these are the hardest years to verify. Original paperwork is really the only way. In 1973, any engine could be ordered in the Super Sport including the 250 L6. Because there was no "SS-only" engine, there is no way to verify it as real by the engine codes. Also, disc brakes were NOT part of the Super Sport package in 1973-74. All 1975-later had front discs standard but power assist was still optional

1973 Super Sport - RPO Z26
Model Availability
Standard Nova hatchback - 1X17
Standard Nova coupe - 1X27
Custom Nova hatchback - 1Y17
Custom Nova coupe - 1Y27
Power Train Availability
250 L6 1V L22
307 V8 2V L14
350 V8 2V L65
350 V8 4V L48
Equipment (used in addition to or in place of standard equipment)
Black grille with argent accent on 2nd and 5th horizontal bars
"SS" ornamentation on grille, fender and deck lid
Specific body side striping, 2 colors (black or white)
Black painted rear end panel with bright trim on tail lamps
Dual body-color sport mirrors (LH remote, RH manual)
Bright roof drip moldings

"SS" emblem on steering wheel shroud
Carpet floor covering

Rally wheels 14x6 or 14x7 with specific center hub and no trim ring
F40 Heavy duty suspension (F41 Sport suspension optional)

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a 73 SS hood is no different than a standard hood, even the emblem is the same.

SS emblems go on the fenders and decklid.

however, I have seen many so-called SS cars where some yahoos stick the SS emblems on WITH the stock "Nova" emblems, instead of instread of those.

73's are tough to tell, even moreso than 74's which, if original, would have NO holes in the fenders or decklid for emblems to attach.

no way to tell by the vin either, since, as you note, the SS was a 'decor' package, and coule be had on even 6 cyl cars ( we had a 74 SS, 250 6 cyl, 3 speed stick, buckets, no console).
I always assume ( never assume, lol ) , for example on my brothers 74 SS, that a "K" ( 350 hi po) vin is a good sign ( L48 was 'SS only' in 72, but could be had in any model in 73, but I;m thinking a non-SS L48 might be rarer than an SS, so why 'clone an SS' from one that's rarer, lol .

Good luck with your Nova, if it's nice, buy it and enjoy it, SS emblems aren;t everything, lol

~ AL
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