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Cooling problems?

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I have a 71 Ventura with a 454 and a weiand 177 supercharger on it. The car heats up to 180 and then slowly heats up after that when I'm driving it. U have a champion cooling 4 core aluminum radiator and a procomp electric waterpump with a 16inch push through electric fan. I believe it's a 180degree thermostat too. Not sure what else to do would roving the thermostat all together help? Or change too dual fans.
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I'm running a 180 thermostat and the car generally stays around 180-185 most of the time. Removing your thermostat may not do that much if the rest of the system isn't working properly.

Silly question but is the radiator topped off with fluid? I'm sure it is, but sometimes I know I miss the most obvious stuff.

Is your timing set properly? What are your settings? Can you run more initial and limit your total to where you have it now? Are you running vacuum advance to manifold?

When I dialed in my timing correctly, gave it more initial with the same total, ran vacuum advance to manifold port, and changed out my distributor weight springs to lighter ones to bring the timing in sooner, my car ran much cooler and more consistent.

I know some guys have issues with the electric fans not cooling properly. There was a thread recently on this by estebanluis I believe his name was. He swapped out to a larger cfm electric fan and dialed in his timing and got his car to run cooler.

Do you know how much cfm your fan moves?

My setup is pretty basic, its an aluminum BeCool radiator, stock fan shroud, flexfan, aluminum water pump, and a 180 thermostat. Runs around 180 almost all the time. When it gets above 90 degrees and I idle for a while it will creep up to 185-190 but usually doesnt go beyond that. While cruising most times it will be around 175 or so.

You might be able to get it to run cooler just by throwing more timing at it sooner if it can handle it. Thats free.
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BBC take more to cool,I would think dual electrics will help to control it better. And leave the tstat in.
I'll try the timing first and see if it helps It hasn't been adjusted since the blower has been put on. The car has a full msd setup on it as well.
Cool man, maybe some simple timing adjustments will help you out a little. I know it made a big difference on my car. You may still end up needing a bigger fan, but its worth a shot.
I'll try the timing first and see if it helps It hasn't been adjusted since the blower has been put on. The car has a full msd setup on it as well.
Becarfull when you setting the timing with a blower. It will melt down before you know it especialy with low octane gas. RICK
I put a 454 in my 68 and have been going through this exact issue also, I think I have mine more or less under control. There is ALOT of information on this site dealing with cooling issues, do a search on this site, I learned alot! Also do a google search, there is alot of info out there, I learned a bunch on fans and shrouds on a tiger website.

My suggestion is to go to a 195 thermostat. Smokey Yunik said these motors run better just over 200 anyway. I put a 195 in and my temps run up about 10 over the thermostat, while idle, and drop a few while cruising.

Make sure your timing is good, that was a biggie for me, Im running almost double what I was before, Im running about 20 at idle(900) with almost 40 on the top end. I still need to re spring mine to get it to come in lower. Generally everybody is wanting full advance by 3,000-3,500. Vacuum advance distributors help you run cooler at idle and cruising RPM. I'm running a mechanical advance and will look into a vacuum advance in the near future.

Make sure your carb isnt too lean.

1 16" pusher fan isnt going to push enough air. You're gonna need dual puller fans. With the blower can you not run a belt driven water pump? I would go to a high volume mechanical water pump, with a 20" mechanical fan and custom build a shroud, there are universal shrouds on summit, jegs, speedway for about $50. Thats what I did. If you stick to electric, you need to be looking for a fan combo thats gonna run upwards of 3,000 cfm or better.
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I'll try the timing first and see if it helps It hasn't been adjusted since the blower has been put on. The car has a full msd setup on it as well.

Let me get this straight here. You put a blower on it and have not given any thought about the timing? :eek: That is just asking for trouble (the expensive kind of trouble).
Haven't had any experience with the Weiand 177 blowers, but blowers as a rule like advance and they like it early. If the timing is retarded or slow to come in that would definitely make it run warm. I'd contact Weiand and see what they recommend for initial/max timing and how quick it should ramp in. We normally have the distributors recurved for blower use.
There's no room to have a puller fan now just won't fit between the belt and radiator. So that was the reason I went with an electric waterpump. Im taking it in to the shop this week to see if they can figure it out
Might also think about dual puller fans as it positions the motors away from the belt drive.
dont have much room think i could fit a 2 1/2 inch fan as a puller but not sure if they make them that thin. if any one knows if they do let me know other wise might just go with the dual pusher fans.
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