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Ok guys, I'm new to this fourm. Wanted to say hello to everybody, my name is Greg. Right not I'm currently going to college in upstate new york for my welding degree. Whenever I'm home on the weekends I usually work on my 1974 chevy nova.

Ok to business, I currently have a sbc 355 that was professionally built by a speed shop. It has all the internals done, cam, crank, pistons, heads, morosso wide oil pan, and and air gap intake mainfold.

I have purchased, tins, 600 cfm eldbrock carb, plugs, wires, msd 6al ignition box, blaster 3 coil, water pump, alternator, pulley brackets that are all bullet aluminum, msd distributor, and a long tailed turbo 350 transmission.

Now I know I will need new front springs to hold the v8? I will need, headers (1.625" or 1.750") (read somewhere 1.750" are better), radiator to keep the v8 cooler, fan (do u know if I can use the one off the six?), torque convertor (they say B&M holeshot are good ones?), shifter, smaller drive shaft because I bought a long tailed transmission and not a short tail, motor mounts, oil pump, fuel pump, a new 3/8ths sending unit, and i think thats about it.

Can anyone think of something else I would need to do the conversion?
Is it a tough job? Im pretty mechanically incline but I havn't really touched an conversion much. Is there any problems I might run into? Do I need a different cross members or something to hold the v8?

Sorry to ask you guys like 100 questions, I just cant ask my dad like most have learned from. (He does insurance and couldn't hang a picture on the wall if his life depended on it.) haha
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