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I was watching some show and they were talking about big block cars and weight ratios. One of the neater things about novas are they are somewhat lighter than many of the cars that came with big block motors. Sure you cadillac has a 700 cubic inch engine but it weighs 4 tons. :)

So for fun, I was wondering what everyone would rank as the lightest american big block cars are and how does the nova stack up.

To try to keep this even as much as possible

The cars have to be
American made
Came from factory with a factory big block
Non convertable
Manual transmission
Mass produced (no super rare cars made for racing or never seen)

I would assume on the low end would be mustangs, camaros, novas, falcons?, corvette, darts?, gto, something from AMC etc

So what are the top 5 lightest cars and how does the nova rank in general to the list?

Just something fun to contemplate.
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