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Comp cams Quest

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Has anyone used the comp cams program that they have on their website called Cam Quest? If so how good/actuate do you think it is? Im looking into doing a cam swap on my 383 in hopes of getting a lot more lower end torque but still maintaining a nice power curve.
Current specs-
Canfield 220cc heads
12.8:1 compression
Edelbrock victor jr intake
proform 750 race carb(wanna prob go bigger)
Cam- not sure of the exact specs but the guy said its a howards solid roller with .645 lift. he didnt know anything else.

Does anyone have any good cam recommendations? im looking for a lot of low end torque but a nice power band.

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You really have to shuffle a lot of numbers around to get it accurate, and it always seems to make huge power with COMP grinds!
You will also find if talking to 10 different cam help guys at Comp, you will get 10 totally different recommendations! I found one guy there that was pretty sharp; the others must be using that program for their selections.
In the latest Popular Hot Rodding, David Vizard mentions how the new Comp catalog has some really good selection tools for their new V series cams--his 12 year old daughter picked the cam for an engine build in under 20 seconds!
I couldn't find any mention of it on the site yet.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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