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First post here. I have a 74 Ventura/GTO with a Pontiac engine (and so it will stay). Another Pontiac engine will eventually be fitted, but first I want to do a manual conversion, understanding that a transmission/driveshaft upgrade will also be in my future.

Got a line on a pre-71 Muncie and shifter from a 70 GTO. Also located a factory bellhousing & flywheel.

Pressure plate, disc, throwout bearing and pilot bearing would be new.


1) Any idea what shift handle (factory) will work best with this shifter?

2) Will the Turbo 350 driveshaft length be correct?

3) Will the Turbo 350 crossmember work?

4) Everything else is needed. I know most/all of the parts can be purchased new, but, in the interests of cost, used is fine. Anyone have lines on the other needed parts?

This is with the 350 right now. when the bigger engine goes in, so will a stronger transmission, driveshaft, etc.

This is what comes to mind:
  • Steering column
  • console
  • shift boot
  • pedals
  • pedal linkage
  • cross shaft
  • pedal trim
  • console gauges
  • clutch fork
  • crossmember (?)
  • backup light switch
  • clutch fork boot

Thanks for your help/ideas.

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