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Classic Nova & Performance's 65 Nova Build

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We will re-working our 1965 Nova fall/winter/spring 2012/2013. It has served me well as a daily driver & our shop car in its current configuration for over 10years. Currently it is powered by a 400 sbc w/turbo 350, modified suspension, manual disc/drum brakes, & a 10-bolt rear end w/upgraded axles.

We will be re-doing all of the drivetrain, suspension, & making some changes to the interior.

Project Highlights: Modified LS1 w/T56 transmission, Detroit Speed front suspension, Detroit Speed QUADRALink rear suspension w/Ford 9", 4-wheel disc brakes.

We have been a dealer for DSE since 2010 and are looking forward to installing their suspension on one of our own cars. We will be starting a build thread w/pictures once this project gets underway. My hope is it will answer some questions & misconceptions that other members who are considering this type of build may have.
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As a DSE dealer, do you offer any price breaks for SNS members?
That is awesome Walt. I will have to make a trip out to your shop soon and check it out!:yes:
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