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CI radiators

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Hello everyone, and Happy 4th of July. Just a question about radiators that CI sells. I just bought a 3 row for my 65 sedan, and it's working good, except for one thing. I am getting leakage from top rad hose, due to the necks on the rad not having the "bead" around them, like the original. Would a radiator shop be able to add that to the neck? I also replaced both hoses and the t-stat. Anyone else have this problem? It's not a lot, but it will eventually get low, and I don't want to have to keep adding ne antifreeze to keep the rad topped off.
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Have you tried a different clamp that ring is just there to keep the hose from blowing off if it gets a little loose .. or maybe a different brand of hose like Gates Brand not the hoses made by Gates sold under a different name like the ones Oriellys sales they are not the same .
I'll try a different clamp. I got my hoses from Napa, and had to trim a little off the upper hose as it was too long. Also, Autozone only sells the flex hoses. Definately don't want those. Thanks for the help
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