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I've got a 77 Chevy Nova & due to The Fact that The Rims I Want to Buy Apparently Don't Exist Anymore (KMC-77's), I'm wanting to Buy 2 - 15 X 7's for The Front & 2 - 15 X 8's for The Rear.

I Believe that I have a Standard Stock 5 X 4.75" Lug Bolt Pattern, but I'm Not Completely Sure what Series of The Chrome Cragar Super Sport Rims will Look The Best & will Fit My Nova.

Also, Wanting to Save As Much Money as Possible, I can get The 61C Series of Cragar Super Sport Rims from an Outfit Called "Tire Buyer" Online for like $181.00 Each, unless Somebody Else knows where I can get Them Cheaper.

All of The Above being said, I'm Interested in Opinions & First Hand Knowledge from People who've Had Cragar SS Rims before & which ones I should get & why.

Part Numbers, Sizes, Dimensions, would be helpful as well.

Also, The Pros (Vs.) The Cons.
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