New VariShock double adjustable shocks. These are from Chris Alston Chassisworks. Part number VAS 14245-425 Comes with an extra set of upper cushions. These are at the top of the food chain for shocks. Applications: 73-87 Regal, 68-79 Skylark, 67-69 Camaro, 68-77 Chevelle, 70-88 Monte Carlo, 68-79 Nova, 83-00 Blazer, 68-88 El Camino, 82-00 S10, 87-00 Dakota, 74-78 Mustang II, 67-69 Firebird and 68-74 GTO. Here's more information of them and where else you can buy them: Chris Alston's Chassisworks, Inc.; Chassisworks - VariShock Bolt-In - 3/8" Stem Top, Open Crossbar - Double Adjustable, 4.25" Travel

I will be in Florida for a few weeks in March if someone is from that area for pick up. Otherwise I can ship from here or there. Shipping prices are around the same I believe.