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Chopped pro street third gen photos

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Sorry about the cell phone photos but here is a Nova I saw at the Nostalgia Drags at Pacific International Raceway last Friday, Dont remember who they said was driving it but it went 8.80's several times while I was watching. It was my favorite car of the night. What a ride that must be. To who ever owns it my hat is off to you.

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Looks like a fiberglass front end and they chopped the roof line a couple of inches... Definitely like the color though...
I think its a steel body and doors with a fiberglass front end from the way it looked up close, but not positive. It had no interior to speak of except aluminum sheet metal covering everything. the seat was all the way where the back seat should have been and the steering column was layed almost flat and was just basically an axle in support bearings with a removable wheel. I couldnt get enough of watching it, love how the huge tires are tucked in tite.
Wow looks cool. When I saw chopped 3rd gen nova, I was thinking it was going to look horrible. But as a full on drag car it looks sweet.
not feelin the roof chop :eek:
Probably cause it's missin fenderwell headers.:yes:
Dude, that thing is SICK!! I love how the back glass lays down in relation to the deck lid.
Makes for a bad arse hotrod. Not a bad little Anglia beside it either.
Makes for a bad arse hotrod. Not a bad little Anglia beside it either.
I'm bettin that Anglia has fenderwell headers.:yes:
im not into chopped roofs but something about that car makes it look great
Man I want my 71 to look like that. All it takes is money and lots of it. RICK
I really like the looks of it. Short story. A few years ago I went to meet my buddy from work up to Mid-Michigan. He told me to keep an eye open for a Chevelle called "BULLY". A few minutes later they announced he was runnin a rail. I headed for the fence as they were taking off. As I got to the fence, the Chevelle went by and pulled the chutes. :eek: About two seconds later the rail goes by. I got a chance to talk to the guy, it was a 427BBC, duel 4's w/nitrous. It actually looked a lot like the Nova, sitting so low. The top of the front fenders were just above my knees. Really cool car. ran low 8's.
Considering it's purpose, I think it looks pretty sick too!

car looks awesome ,what is that color .love it.
Here's mine that I'm currently chopping


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Where's my sawzall?
The color reminds me of DuPont Hot Hues "Anti-Freeze" on that big Boyd Coddington Impala convertible, but maybe a little darker.

...the Carlito's Way movie Nova had a cool chop
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