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centerbolt heads with a cast iron intake

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As you can see the heads are clearly centerbolts (#14101081) with a cast iron intake. i thought the center bolt heads had a different bolt pattern, so specific aftermarket intakes had to be used for a carburated setup:confused:. i have a older performer intake and would love to replace the cast on with it.:D

Is there a way to tell if it was the intake that was modified or the heads that were modified without removing the intake. if the intake was changed then my older performer will not fit :( but if it was the heads that we changed then i could mount the performer and junk the cast one.:eek:

please help me with this brain tickler:turn: the engine i believe is a ho 305
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Your in luck!

I have a Edelbrock intake for your application.

Edelbrock 2104
4th one listed.

i checked the intake and the bolts look to be at a more vertical position.
you are correct!

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how difficult is it to change the intake is as simple as doing a little drilling:confused: or is more complicated than that.

the drilling will not work. the bolt will not seat correctly and will crack the intake.

im not sure what i will do. dont have the money to buy a brand new one, and im not sure if i want to drill it. ill wait until the weekend so then i can focus my mind powers on this idea. thanks for the help everyone:yes:
I guess you don't see the fact I have one for sale for 75.00 shipped to your door.
Fits' 87-95 Chevy 5.0/5.7

How can you go wrong?


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