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I'm waiting on the brown and white trucks to show up so I decided I could do some fartin' around on the center console.

I'm putting a Tremec TKO in an original TH350 car. I had this set up before, but without the console. Just shifter boot screwed to the floor.
I found this console on the classifieds for pretty cheap so I picked it up.

I don't really like having the shifter offset to the driver, I think it just looks a little off.

So I will be running the Tremec with the center shift location and I'm modifying this console to accept it.

I started off by removing the original bevel that would have the offset boot and using it as a template to cut out some cardboard.
I then cut out the center to stuff the boot through. Turns out cardboard isn't quite rigid enough for this kind of mock up. I found a piece of this plastic laying around so I used that. It's not quite wide enough to totally fill the void, but gives me an idea of what this will look like.

My plan is to do this with aluminum plate and buff it up real good.

I'll report back when I start doing that. I haven't seen this done before. I just can't stomach spending what folks are asking for these offset shifters.


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Got back out to work on this console deal. I decided I didnt really want a big piece of shiny aluminum on the floor so I picked up a piece of 16ga plate from Home Depot.

Started off same as before, just with more accurate measurements and trying my best to make everything square.


Then securing the plate into the bench vise, I cut out the center hole first, then the whole thing. I did this with a grinder and cut off wheel.
If i had a steel bench, magnets and a plasma cutter, this would have gone a lot smoother and I'm certain the finished product would have looked better.


After drilling screw holes, I degreaser, primed and painted with the co.pletely WRONG paint.
I used some chemical tubing I use for work to line the inner hole to protect the boot. If my dremel was working, I would have just sanded it round.

And the final product.

Overall I am pretty satisfied. I'm going to be pulling it apart to sand and paint with a gloss finish. I thought I would want to the matte, but it looks completely bad. Later i will be taking the rest of plate the I bought to make a copy of the front package tray with cupholder inserts.

Hope this helped someone.
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