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Cecil County dragway 3-7-09

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I had my car out late last year and had fuel supply problems and traction issues, I upgraded the fuel system and made some suspension adjustments and put on 30x10 hoosier radial slicks, and I also put on an 1150 2-circuit dominator. The first pass in the morning right off the trailer it hooked up hard and carried the front wheels past the 60ft clocks with a 1.31 60ft and ran a [email protected], the 2nd pass I did my burnout and started to pull up to stage and got waived back because somebody dropped something on the track, I sat for a couple of minutes, then when it was time I did a short burnout and spun the tires and it still ran a [email protected] The last pass it ran [email protected], the 1/8mile was [email protected], This was the first full passes I have with the new motor, which is an N/A 461inch small block, the rear suspension has caltrac bars/springs and afco sliders instead of the original shackles and CE 12way adjustable shocks. I got a vacuum pump I'll be putting on soon, so hopefully it'll see some 9.40's soon.
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Congrats thats rollin!
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