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CBR/Super Chevy/NITTO Suspension Challenge

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i'd like to thank Chuck Church Sr. & Jr. for the invite to pit/represent CBR at the Suspension Challenge held in El Toro Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. i had an excellent time. :yes:

of course no results are to be divulged or disqualification will occur... let me just say it was a really great event and that you should get the magazine when it's on the news stands :D

NovaJoe, VoodooII, Klean63, Me :D Philip, 3DTim & Chuck Sr were there with Chuck Jr's awesome '67 Coupe :rolleyes: i sure loved it. unbelievable H.P. in that BadBoy... pin ya back in the seat BIGTIME! i was also very very impressed with each & every member, they all attacked the punch list on Chuck's car and we got everything completed. once again Church Boys Racing helped out some of the other competitors with tools, we even borrowed a couple from the Hotchkiss crew (thanks again Guys!) Art Morrisson was there with a really nice '55 Chevy 2dr Sedan, Hotchkiss was there with a customer's bitchen '65 Chevelle 4 door, Heidt's was represented by a cool '66 SS ChevyII, CPP had a '72? Camaro... all the cars performed well and all had a great time... i think the biggest kick of the weekend was the Morrisson crew. they played "Days of Thunder" in their Crown Vic rental car. the high speed spinouts were hilarious! :rotfl:

Thanks again Chuck, Chuck, Bill, Joe, Jose, Tim & Philip for a wonderful time!!! :yes: :thumbsup:

ps :( only 5 pics, i forgot the camera's image/video card at home. :( :doh:

no competition photos allowed... i'll POST my 5 in a bit. ;)
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I think I was behind that 4door last week... Looked real nice

I would not mind driving that Moredoor !!!
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Sounds like a really great time watching them doing there tests. Can't wait to see your photos.

That chevelle looks like it has some meats behind it.
Greg, that Chevelle was really really nice... and it scooted! the folks were from Colorado and a couple of the nicest people i've ever met. unfortunately i forget his name but his wife is Karen. High School sweeties, married 46 years and both still in love. really cool talking with them.

i have a few kinda unrelated images... let me load 'em...
parked for the night. waiting for Chuck Sr. & 3D Tim to arrive with the trailer/car...

the guys washin' Chucks car. gonna get it **** & span for the event... this is at about 12am. i don't think they shut down for the night 'til after 1am... up at 5:45 the next day (Monday)

where we stayed...

a converted bean & grain warehouse... really cool historic building...

that's it... no more pics from Johnny :(
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I was gonna say, you guys were at the bean mill La Quinta! Stayed there once (on accident during a D-Land chingo) while the RTTC was going on. If that parking lot could talk! Cool place, but a little eerie...

the Police cruised through 3 times while we were working on the car... they were all cool. they wished us luck and went on their way (after cruising the whole lot) i really dig the building... i don't think it's eerie but understand what you're sayin' ;)
Great big thank you!

I can't say enough of how all of you worked so well together, like a well oiled machine things came together in a timely manner. I wish we could have had a camera crew taping the entire Nascar Style pit crew doing there thing the past couple of days.

I am guys are the best! Thank you So Much!!!!:yes:
glad to have helped and i appreciate the opportunity to do so Chuck... Thank You! :yes:
When are the results supposed to come out??? :devil:
i believe the series of articles will begin November/December?

Chuck will have the definitive answer...
The important issue will be on the news stand in January. :D

The others should be starting in the next month.
The important issue will be on the news stand in January. :D

The others should be starting in the next month.
Can't wait!!!!

I think Chuck needs a new front man:rolleyes: fast forward through my part:yes::yes: this was like the forth take(that movie talk) the first was real good but we didn't have the NITTO sticker on the windshield and we had to do it over:( anyway the reat of the video is real cool.
after Chuck's car ran it was kinda funny watching CPP asking everyone with the CBR group...

"what's he running under the hood!???" :eek:

"oh, it's just an LS based engine" :devil: :D

we finally told him ;)
Its going to be tough waiting until January for the write up!!!
That 55 chev is bitchen' and that 65 chevelle has too many doors!:cool:
Lookin good!!
Those are some awesome teaser vids, cant wait to see the numbers!!:turn:
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