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I’m posting this here since I didn’t get any replies in the suspension section. Hopefully someone will chime in.

First of all, let me start off by stating that the pdf in the CBR section and on the web doesn’t have the full instructions on the install for the phase II’s. They’re missing some of the dimensions that are included in the instructions guide with your purchase. I only mention this because I couldn’t locate mine after 1 year later of the installation. But I talked to Chuck and then I coincidentally found my instructions.

So, per the instructions, on the main arm I’m at 13” from the center of the eye on the rod end to the center of the hole where the ball joint mounts. On the forward arm I’m at 5”, per Chuck (the manual states 4 3/4”) from the center of the rod end to the end of the threaded tube where the rod end screws into. And my result is the pigeon toed effect. Wonder where I went wrong?? I can adjust the link adjuster but I would have to lengthen it more than a few inches to try and straighten out the wheels and that wouldn’t make sense.

So, I decided to disassemble the driver side lower a-arm again, when I noticed that the part of the chassis where ecentric bolt mounts the main arm, there is a slotted adjustment. I previously had the offset washer from the ecentric bolt facing inward of the car, hence pushing out the main arm and maybe causing my tires to toe inward?? I’m still putting things back, after all this jibber jabber my question is....if I get the offset washer on the ecentric bolt to mount outward causing the main arm to scoot more inward, could that be the difference I’m having from my wheels being close to aligned??

I hope I didn’t confuse anyone like I am right now.

This is where the ecentric bolt mounts the main arm to the chassis.


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