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1966 350/4-speed coupe
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I have multi-leafs (3) in my 66 car with Lakewood traction bars and factory shocks. I noticed the rubber bushings are completely shot and I dislike the look of the traction bars and am considering the stock height 5 1/2 Multi-Leaf Springs from Church Boys Racing.

Questions though:

(1) I no longer have the factory lower shock mount brace/metal pieces and I really want to eliminate the traction bars. I see a few factory original pieces on eBay, is that my only option? If not, what do you suggest?
(2) What will I be losing by removing the traction bars? I don't notice any wheel hop currently.
(3) I notice both 2" lowering springs and stock height available. I believe I have factory height now with my aftermarket multileaf that's on there, but I really can't tell. Will the stock height option be close to what I have now (guess)?
(4) How is the ride quality on these with factory shocks (Monroe)?

Thanks much for your help as always.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts