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I finished going through my carb and testing the car. Finally my 66 runs as I always thought it would. Fairly good street manners and good hard acceleration when you hit the gas. I found it was a few "little" things.

When I rebuilt it, the carb didn't look too bad, compared to most. Cleaned it, and started putting it back together. I measured all the linkages as the instructions outlined. What a mess, some measurements wrong from the factory and some way out from previous shade tree owner.

First I found the secondaries were kicking in %40 early on the throttle position. No wonder it wouldn't hold smooth speeds going down the city streets. And at the track it would fall on it face. Previous owner had done a number to get it to what they thought was WOT on the secondaries. The main problem was the primary WOT position. About 10 degrees short. No adjustment, just a cast stop on the body. Factory quality control aint what it used to be.:mad: A little filling fixed it. Then adjusted the secondaries back to spec and it all went to WOT just fine. Accelerator pump etc also way out. I think the electric choke rod was the only thing right.

Lastly I replaced the idle screws. Just couldn't get them to adjust smooth, 1/8 of a turn went from close to way over the hill on the adjustment. One was a little scarred from over seating, but not bad. Something just didn't look right so I got new ones. When I compared them, what a difference. The difference on the tip was dramatic. The new ones were about twice the distance from the tip to the full diamter, a shallower taper. Now the idle adjusts the way I remember carbs should adjust. Looks like another "not right from the factory" part:mad:

Next time a novice asks, "how hard is it to rebuild a carb" be patient with us if we take a while to answer. It isn't to hard, as long as ALL the instructions are followed and someone with experience looks over your shoulder. ;)
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