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Carb upgrade for inline 6

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I'm dead in the water with a leaky rochester 1bbl carb. I have a 1964 Chevy II Nova (400 series), 194 inline 6. I'm debating whether to by a rebuilt unit or upgrade the intake manifold and carb. Would anyone be able to offer some suggestions on a mild, daily driver upgrade? I was looking at StoveboltEngineCo.Com and Mr. Langdon has a 2bbl Holley Weber unit for
$85, but he doesn't have the linkage for a 194 inline.

I know there are many ways to go with this, but what would be the most economical upgrade?
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the most popular is the 390 holley 4bbl... probably a bit more pricey...

what ever you do, do not buy a rebuilt stock one... every rebuilt stock one I've had were junk.... they are notorius for warpping the top deck

if you go w/ stock, pay the extra and get the new one.
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