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Carb Jetting Help

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Hey guys, I need some recommendations on at least where to start with changing my carb setup. I just got the car last week and it was set up for the track. Instead of a whole new carb I would rather just change the jetting if I could to make it more street-able.

406 small block
lunati lightweight rotating assembly
235 265 lift cam
202 heads
victor jr intake
1:5 rockers on intake and 1:6 on exhaust
roller rockers
800 barry grant carb
all msd ignition
holly blur fuel pump
all #8 line to pressure reg an #6 to carb

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I would set it up to orignal specs,then tune from there. Maybe use factory 800 holley setting for baseline.
I really hate to tell you this, but jetting won't make it more streetable. I will only make your motor run like crap. The engine needs the fuel it needs. You jet your carb to provide a measured amount of fuel to mix with the air coming in. When you achieve the proper air/fuel mixture( gas 12.5-14%), your motor runs like a scalded dog, when it's wrong, it just doesn't work.
Save yourself the heartache, buy a properly sized carb for your new application.
I'm running a 383, .525/.290 stick @ 10.5:1 700r, 3:73 gears and a 3000 stall converter on a 670 Avenger with 70's in the primaries and 74's in the secondaries. 16 MPG all around. And still will make it hard to breath on acceleration.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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