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Canada day

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Have a great CANADA DAY WEEKEND everyone...stay SAFE and tip one back for me..hope all our BC members and their rides stay out of harms way from the flood conditions..I am sure BC Insurance will be taking a beating this year...
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Happy Canada Day:D:D:D:canada::canada::canada:


Love the Stompin Tom stuff , THANKS slab
I grew up listening to Wilf Carter(Montana Slim) cause he was my Dad's favorite. But ya know these songs mean a lot more to me now... not to get political but...These guys loved there country and the folks that listen to them I believe do as well(back in their day or now). Where are we at now?? What percentage of the population really love their country? We've got lots to be thankful for up here. It's a great country!!!

Happy Canada day:salute::canada::thumbsup:
Happy Canada Day To All. Play safe and have fun:yes::D:D:D
Happy Canada Day to all...Taking the Nova to the Caledon strawbwerry festival. :canada::canada::canada::canada::canada:
Happy Canada Day to All that are Canadian and those that WISH they were!!:rolleyes::D:D:yes:
Leftcoast Carl.:)
HAPPY CANADA DAY FROM QUEBEC ,YA YOU HEARD ME.....:canada::canada::canada:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA! 145 years is young, especially when our cars are 30-50? Everybody stay safe and have fun!:yes::canada::canada::canada:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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