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Can I bench test a fuel pump?

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My fuel pump is off the engine. When i move the lever it doesn't seem to do anything. How can I bench test it?
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I have never heard of a way to bench testing mech pumps. The ecentric lobe moves so fast on the fuel push rod I don't know how one could replicate that while holding it still?
How much is the lever moving? It takes a lot of pressure to depress the lever, you have to lean up against something solid and really lay into it to get the lever to move. No way to test for pumping but you should here the diaphram move.
FYI I just tried this a few months back. I am not a all person and I had to put it against a brick walk and lean into it to get it to pump ... I would have pushed it through the drywall if I tried on the garage wall - just to give you an idea of the force needed...,
You can use visegrips to give leverage to stroke the arm, but be careful and don't mar the surface or bend the arm. Then you can put a finger over the inlet and outlet to check for suction and pressure. Pressure or suction should hold and not bleed off when you stop pumping. Don't try to pump gas thru it, it's too big of a fire hazard, and other chemicals may damage the pump diaphragm.
It's a tough spring in there, takes some muscle to overcome.
Okay, I might have answered my question. I can easily pump this thing by hand. OMG.
I will replace it and curse the PO of this motor who said "Low Mileage".
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