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Hello all,

I'm building my first engine for my '70 Nova and selecting the right camshaft has been rattling my brain for the last 2 months. Looking for some real knowledgeable insight here. Not that I don't respect your opinions, but what I'm not looking for is "I ran cam XXXXX with (completely different engine combination) and it was awesome!" I'll be calling CompCams on Monday to get their input, but I wanted to see if any engine builders here would like to chime in.

I'm including as much relevant info I can come up with. Let me know if there's anything else.

Looking for hydraulic flat tappet, trying to get most torque possible

383 Stroker

Holley Ultra Street Avenger 770cfm

Edelbrock Performer EPS intake manifold

Powerhouse Aluminum Cylinder Heads
  • 23 degree
  • 190cc intake runner
  • 64cc combustion chamber
  • 2.05" Intake Valves
  • 1.60" Exhaust valves
  • Flow Numbers (Intake/ Exhaust):
  • .0100 58/50
  • .0200 113/97
  • .0300 159/132
  • .0400 199/161
  • .0500 227/180
  • .0600 244/189
  • .0700 248/192
1.6 Ratio Aluminum Full Roller Rockers

Flat Top Pistons with Valve Reliefs

5.7" Connecting rods

Full Length Headers 1 5/8" Primary 3" collector

Ballpark static compression ratio of 10.3-10.6

Manual Trans

Nova will probably never see the strip. More moderate performance street

I'm looking to make all of my hp and tq in the idle to 5000 range.

Choppy idle ok, but nothing crazy. Still needs to be good on the street

For vacuum accessories I don't intend to run more than power brakes and vacuum advance.

I hope that's enough. Looking forward to your responses

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Have you ever considered any other cam companies other than Comp? I have used Bullet cams and also Jones cams with great success. They are not much more cost than a comp. Plus you get to talk with guys who really know what they are doing. They are other great cam grinders out there also.

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I would recommend a Lunati Custom Grind #DV268-06HFH. The cam is designed for a 383 with 1.6 Rockers, Max Street Torque, Good Fuel Efficiency and Street Manners for power brakes. You will make more torque with this cam than any other in my opinion and power will be great, kept in your requested RPM level but will stay flat at peak out beyond 5000. It has a high intensity lobe profile.
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If you are calling Comp then why are worried about asking anyone "what they think"? I personally will not run a flat tappet cam any more. It cost a little more to go to a roller and you gain a little more power and alot less wear.

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I've thought about others, but I didn't know any reputable companies to go for. I'm asking here because you never know if it's a guy with actual experience or a newbie following computer prompts on the other line, at least I can't tell because I'm a newbie.

Tom, I'll definitely give those guys a call. Sounds like they'll help a lot.

Jackel, that was exactly the kind of response I was looking for. Lunati was more expensive than I Was looking, but if it gets me the performance I'm looking for, that little bit of cost is worth it.

And as for going with a roller, iktna, that is waaaay out of my price range. It would at least double what I was looking to spend on a camshaft and lifters.

When I get whatever cam into the engine I'll post about how it works out.
Thanks guys.
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