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Hey guys, been a while since I've posted. Being nova-less, new house, new kid, and my austin mini keeping me busy. I was wondering if anyone in near Calgary has seen my old car - curious to see what the owner of it has done. the car is a 63 2-door post, 327, 4spd car. I believe the new owner lived down around Carstairs. He picked it up from me over 2 years ago and drove it home - from what I remember, hell, dont even know if he made it all the way home, but he did not have a trailer when he bought it. At the time the distinct markings on the car was the fenderwell headers, chopped front fenders (ex-drag car), rattle can black, red interior w/ buckets (from a thunderbird) and angel eye headlights.

Anyways, just curious if anyone down south of me has seen it.

I saw my 63 Wagon on kijiji not long ago in Edmonton, not sure if the guy sold it or not. It did not look like he did much to it other then rattle canning it black - was a white wagon. I think he eventually replaced the floors in it, might have had troubles selling it for the price he was asking without doing that... but seeing that ad made me think of my 2 door. The other day my neighbor had a co-worker over from Sask. with a 65... wow... twin turbo'd, absolutely insane.

Here is a pic of my deuce... when I last had it

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