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bypass regulator question?

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This maybe the dumbest question ever asked but I need clarification please..

diagram 1..On a regular fuel system for carb application the regulator goes before the carb to adjust the fuel pressure to around 7psi thus keeping the fuel pump from pushing to much psi and blowing fuel pass the needle and seats..

diagram2..ok so how is the fuel pressure regulated in a bypass/return style regulator system when the regulator is mounted after the fuel enters the carb thus no regulation before the carb thus high psi pushing fuel pass the needle and seat?


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In simple man's terms:

Once the fuel gets above 7psi, the regulator opens allowing more fuel to be returned to the fuel cell, dropping the pressure to 7 psi. Just like most mechanical fuel injection systems use a jet in the return line. The bigger the jet, the leaner the system because it allows more fuel to go directly back to the fuel cell.
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