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Hey everyone,

I originally posted this in my profile section and couple days ago, but thought maybe it would benefit more in here.

This engine was originally meant to be a budget iron vortec build, but with the added max lift and weight difference, the choice was made to go aluminum heads. I decided to go around an engine based on this article by Super Chevy: The dyno for the 307 in the article uses a smaller carb, intake manifold and cam than I did, and it produced over 300hp. Mine sounds mean, and gets on it nicely. I would assume mine is at least a mid-300 horsepower engine. Here's the details on it:

Stock 4 bolt main 350 Short Block (Everything was blown apart, cleaned and checked good. Block was tanked and honed)
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Flat Tappet 274/286, .487/.490 Cam and Lifters
Comp Cams Magnum 1.52 Roller Tip Rockers and Pushrods
Edelbrock E-tec 64cc/170cc Assembled Aluminum Heads (Edelbrock says compression is 9.5:1 with stock pistons)
ARP Head Bolts
Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Vortec Intake Manifold
Edelbrock 750 Electric choke Carburetor

I've seen a lot of articles and questions about budget vortec builds, so I just decided to give it a try. In my opinion, it's great! Rough estimate on total cost is around $2,000. Maybe some other members will benefit from this. Thanks for reading!


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