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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of trying to figure out which way to go with the seats in my 66 nova. Someone had installed goofing looking high back buckets. I got a set of 67 Lemans seats locally for a good price and did not have to pay shipping so that part worked out.

Did a search and read a bunch of old post about someone making replacement tracks that fit the 66 nova. Does anyone know if they are available yet? The seats I have are in excellent shape. The metal backs and sides are almost perfect and just need painted. Would it be better for me to remove the catch and replace the backs with plastic backs to make them like the 66 or leave the catch and redo them like the 67 style. I have read that the aftermarket plastic backs are not that good??

As far as the mounting point, I think those floor parts are available is that correct? If so is there somewhere I can get measurements for placement of everything.

Sorry to ask questions that may have been ask before, I did a search and allot of that information is pretty old so was seeing if there had been any new information available.

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